“What are my odds?” is a common question from those who are new to sports betting. We have outlined the top 12 sports betting guidelines for beginners in order to help you succeed at the start of your career.

Do not chase losses

Never try to recover from a loss. Each victory (and each loss) must be treated as a distinct wager. Chasing losses is the act of immediately placing a new wager after losing a previous one. This can signal the beginning of a downward spiral that brings on more losses, sorrow, and annoyance. Instead of thinking about whether your last wager was successful or unsuccessful, stay away from this by placing all of your bets based on their value and merit.

Never place a wager without examine

Even though there is a tonne of information for beginners to take in, it’s essential to do your homework before betting, especially at first. It’s okay if doing this results in you only putting wagers on one or two games each week. As a beginner gambler, you should make sure you’re prepared for any wager you make. As a result, it’s imperative to only bet on games that you have thoroughly examined.

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Always make logical wagers

Because the brain is a complex organ, using it in sports betting is essential. Always use common sense while placing a wager. Even though your heart may be behind your favourite team or athlete, your mind is the most important factor when you start your betting career.

Never risk more money betting than you can afford to lose

Gambling is not a scheme to get rich quickly. It’s a challenging process that may swallow you whole and spit you out. So, the best you can do is to only bet what you can afford to lose.

Only wager on sports you are knowledgeable about

Novice gamblers should only bet on sports they are familiar with to enhance their chances of winning.

Avoid wasting money on bets that have large payouts

If you’re new to betting, you don’t want to take a chance at losing money because the chances of these bets winning are tiny.

Never stake your entire bankroll on a single bet

Never spend all of your money on a single wager, regardless of how much you have. By doing this, it is simple to lose everything. Once you’ve placed your initial deposit, decide how much of your bankroll you wish to stake with each bet.

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A sure thing doesn’t exist

Nothing is definite, despite the fact that it could seem like the heavy-sided favourite is the greatest choice. Before betting on something you think is certain, make sure you have done your research.

Find bookmakers offering fantastic promotions.

Promotions are fun to receive. Whenever you sign up with a bookmaker, look for any special deals or welcome bonuses

Recognize betting options and odds

Since beginners will be betting on odds and lines, they should become familiar with the many types of bets as well as the significance of the betting lines. 

Keep track of your bets

Keeping note of each wager and its result will help you in the start of your career to identify what worked and what didn’t with your wagers. 

Place wagers without bias

This is another instruction that needs to be followed. Despite the fact that most sports bettors have favourite teams, this does not influence their ability to make choices. Make sure your team wagers are made objectively when you first begin your betting career. 


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