The right to host the 2022 World Cup has been gained by Qatar. The World Cup is regarded as the world’s most prestigious football competition. The decision to move the tournament from Qatar was made for a number of reasons, though. In this blog, we will be trying to explore these reasons in more detail.

There are five reasons Qatar shouldn’t host the 2022 World Cup.

It’s hot

Qatar is experiencing a heatwave. In Qatar, the summertime temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius. For both players and spectators, the heat can be intolerable. FIFA does not have a plan in place for severe weather. The sole recommendation for the players in such weather is to drink lots of water. Athletes may experience danger from the heat. 


In Qatar, homosexuality is illegal and there have been several allegations of LGBT individuals being the targets of prejudice and violence. There is no room for hosts who cannot legally guarantee the safety and respect of LGBTQ+ people, according to a judge and former member of the national team Lise Klaveness. The FIFA World Cup should not be held in Qatar if there are problems with the LGBT community there.

FIFA World Cup

Migrant laborers are exploited

Due to its treatment of migrant labor, Qatar is in the news. In Qatar, several construction workers who built the World Cup’s infrastructure experienced maltreatment. About 400 migrant laborers from Nepal are reportedly dead from construction-related accidents in Qatar. The organizers were criticized by Amnesty International over this occurrence. Numerous international organizations are likewise concerned about the corporate sponsors’ silence over worker abuse of human rights.

Structures and Stadiums

In Qatar, many stadiums are either newly constructed or undergoing extensive renovations. Long-term, Qatar doesn’t require the existence of big stadiums. The nation is serving as the inaugural FIFA World Cup host. According to a lot of analysts, constructing a comprehensive stadium and infrastructure has cost $220 billion. Additionally, they claim that this money can be put to good use. 

All of Qatar’s prospective stadiums must either be completely rebuilt or undergo extensive renovations. This would imply that, in the long run, the country doesn’t actually need to have big stadiums. Should FIFA really be promoting such financial promiscuity in these times of global hardship for a single tournament that could have been much more easily held in any of the other four competing nations?

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Norms and values

It is assumed that no one will consume alcohol in public areas. All areas that are open to the public are smoke-free and public displays of affection are likewise frowned upon. The customary World Cup party atmosphere won’t be there in 2022, disappointing fans who were hoping for it.

Due to Qatar’s severe regulations on the selling of alcohol, spectators hoping for the customary World Cup party atmosphere in 2022 are unlikely to be impressed. Qatar also denies official recognition of Israel as a state. Do you honestly think that this would be a good location for a World Cup? neither do we.

These are the top five arguments against Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup; please share your thoughts on this with us.

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